Hot Nana Feisty Fry

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We are excited to announce the industry’s first ever swimbait featuring exchangeable rattle technology! Reserve Your Feisty Fry Rattlin’ Soft Plastics Today!

Our Feisty Fry Swimbaits are specifically crafted and specially formulated - coupling our signature Stank Sauce scent and our revolutionary design of the Insertable/Removable Rattle with maximum durability and ultimate flexibility for the completely optimized open-water presentation that will give you the edge on other anglers!

—> Available in 3” and 4” Sizes
—> 6 Swimbaits Separately Clam-shelled in each pack!

+ 1 RATTLE per bait! (6 per pack!)

+ UV Colors!

+ Scented with our Signature Stank Sauce!

+ Subtle Glow for increased fish commitment!

What more could you want?!