Pannie Stopper ELITE Ice Rods

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In 2021 we dropped our line of Lake Effect Pannie Stopper Ice Rods. This year we are bringing you the most sensitive rod on the market. Our ELITE is masterfully crafted to satisfy panfish anglers who desire the greatest of precision. NEVER USE A SPRING BOBBER AGAIN. Sensitive to even the lightest of crappie lifts, and built with our split grip, to minimize weight and maximize feel, this rod will not be topped.
Here’s your chance to get one for 2022!
* Full-flex Gnarly-Noodle (Fiberglass) Blank! Industry-leading sensitivity allows for anglers to experience extreme battles!
*Size 3 & 5 Fly Guides guides prevent ice-buildup in harshest conditions!
*LE custom grips - including split cork handle with logo-burn and large ELITE burn.
*SUPER Ultralight Action Dialed Sizes 28”- 32"

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